VBenison India 30000 mAh PowerBank (3 USB Ultra Fast PowerBank)

Benison India 30000 mAh PowerBank (3 USB Ultra Fast PowerBank)

Fast charging

Max current output including all 3 output ports = 2.1-2.4A

IC Controlled Output.Works withh all Android and Apple Devices

Fast And Proper Charging.Charges any capacity mobile phone

Compact & Heavy Duty.Carry anywhere you want


We understand your data is precious to you. Hence, to store your data in a safe manner, we have for you Benison India 30000mAh Power Bank with 3 USB Ports. A safe warehouse of all your data, whether they are documents, your precious memories in the form of photos or your favorite music tracks or movies, keep them all well organized with this brilliant power bank from Benison India. Especially, if you are travelling, this device is important for you as it will enable you to carry your data with you. It is fit for various mobile phones and devices. -Fit For Various Mobile Phone & Devices. Compact & Heavy Duty. Fast And Proper Charging. IC Controlled Output. Important Companion For Travelers.