A1 Face Shield( Reusable Flexible Face Shield) Combo Pack (3 Headband + 6 Visor)

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Combo Pack (3 Headband + 6 Visor)


Transparent Anti-Fog Visor Full Face & Ear Safety Cover

  • ✔ MATERIAL: The Face shield is made of Polycarbonate material. The transparent mask does not block the view, and the mask is large enough to effectively prevent liquid, smoke, dust. splashing from the front sides.
  • ✔FULL FACE PROTECTION: This face shield can cover the entire face, which can protect your eyes, mouth and nose well. Preventing inhalation of saliva, dust, pollen, etc. can provide you with good protection
  • ✔EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN: The mask can be washed with water or wiped with alcohol to disinfect, easy to maintain, and can be reused
  • ✔WIDELY USED: Extremely lightweight & Mostly useful for Doctors on and beyond second line of defence, Sanitation workers, Police, Street vendor, shopkeepers, Citizens who need to move out for essentials
  • ✔Shield & Holder adjustable for optimum fit for all head sizes. Shield can be cleaned easily and be reused without lose of functionality.
  • INSTRUCTION FOR USE:★ Carefully remove protective films from both faces of the transparent Shield.★ Assemble transparent Shield with plastic Holder by press fitting on the centre tap first.★Gently press fit the Shield into left and right hand tab.★Wear the Shield and adjust the Holder as per proper fitting